Oklahoma Meth Crimes

In Oklahoma, the State and local law enforcement have stepped up efforts to control the possession and manufacture of methamphetamine. Meth labs are more likely to be identified and meth users are more likely to be arrested than ever before.

Evidence suppression issues and dominion and control issues are very common in meth cases. Law enforcement must follow strict rules regarding the collection of evidence. If there is any indication that an illegal search and seizure took place, Tulsa Drug Crimes Lawyer Lee Berlin will file a motion to suppress the evidence that was gathered illegally so it cannot be used against you.

Plea offers and sentencing ranges vary wildly from county to county in Oklahoma regarding these charges. In some rural counties the plea offer for Endeavoring or Manufacturing may result only in a suspended sentence. In other counties such as Tulsa County, the District Attorney’s Office will demand prison time for a first offense of Endeavoring or Manufacturing. The typical initial plea offer out of Tulsa County for either Manufacturing or Endeavoring is 10 years in prison, which is 3 years OVER the minimum sentence of 7 years.

More and more rural and surrounding counties are moving to a prison only type plea mentality. This makes a proper case review and assessment critical in meth cases.

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